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PALTM - Personal Accountability Logic

Industry has evolved with multiple companies within the same boundaries, and threats have now escalated into our schools and communities. Our current accountability systems cannot communicate across these boundaries.

PALTM has removed these boundaries with mobile technology that will standardize accountability across industries, communities, response person

  • app-store
  • app-store
  • Sign-In Sheets in the Cloud

  • Sign-In & Out using QR Scan, User ID, or GPS
  • Check-In anywhere PAL is used
  • Activate PAL with a customizable message and account for your personnel in seconds
  • Anyone with a SMART device can view Activity
  • Emails sent with activation message
  • Tracking capability only during activation
  • Website Interface allows for full customization
  • Create new sites within minutes
  • No hard wire or RFID badge readers required
  • Manage sites, reasons, departments, etc
  • Now you have personnel data of % accountability
  • conatct
  • 281-738-1212